Designing Concept Models









The above pictures are examples of how Red Stag Engineering fine-tunes its engineering design.  We take our engineering design, enter all of the very detailed information, and transform it into a plastic model that is made to scale.

Red Stag has engineers that are accomplished in using a unique software program and a special printer.  Each of the models has all of the “moving” parts on it, making it a wonderful concept of design tool.  We can actually see the design to scale and see how all of the parts interact, which helps us find problems in the design and correct them before cutting steel.

Red Stag has used several models in presenting proposals to potential clients as well as to show current clients how the final design will look and work when it is completed.  Red Stag has even made models to use in court cases, showing design flaws that need to be fixed.

Please email any requests for additional information about the cost to create a custom engineered design concept model.