Red Stag can completely rebuild the presses in your plant using new electric controls, programming, and automation.

Red Stag can also help you with your plant re-setup. We can help adjust gibbing, help with portable machinery, add new or clean up T-slots (top and bottom), and level machine bolsters to +/- 0.005″ flat.

Any in plant work that is necessary, Red Stag Engineers can do it at less cost and less down time than any service company in the area.



Red Stag Engineering & Automation, Inc. is a World Wide Integrator of Automated Turnkey Systems.
We work exclusively in production and manufacturing problem-solving to increase efficiency and up time, along with product improvements.

Red Stag participates as if we were a part of our customer’s Engineering Group. By doing this we do not need an outside sales force because our customers’ do the selling for us.

When developing systems for our customers, we use purchased components wherever possible. When the system requires an innovative design to meet the customer’s needs, we engineer and develop those designs. This has led to us being the FIRST company to have an operating Hydraulic Cushion in a Mechanical Press. This innovation was so significant that it was featured in several National Journals. We were the FIRST company to develop a Four Wheel Drive, Four Wheel Steer Die Cart with an 80,000 pound capacity. When a customer required a safe, quick method to split dies for maintenance, we developed our Hydraulic Die Splitter

We pride ourselves on creative problem-solving, and we are not limited by what we have (or haven’t) done in the past.

This has given us an outstanding international reputation with customers around the world.