New Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press

8” Draw, Stainless Steel Double‐Sink in 4.5 Seconds!

Red Stag Engineering & Automation, Inc. is bringing the Kiermar Press to North America. Red Stag uses turnkey assembly, tooling, and installation with coil or blanks.

The Kiermar Press has 1,200 tons of pressing force. It’s only 15’ above the floor and no pit is necessary. The hydraulic engineering has been proved since 1999 in speed with production performance up to 25,000 tons. Control force and speed throughout the working stroke for deep‐draw, stainless steel, high‐strength automotive steel, and aluminum cookware.  It has a consistent wall thickness, which omits spring‐back and draw beads in our tooling design for high speed production and material savings. Red Stag has designed and manufactured the first 200,000 lb. capacity, 4‐wheel drive and steer free‐ranging material transporter. This is a self‐contained LP or battery powered cart with (4) all hydraulic drives for 90° turns, plus radio control operation for docking. Click here to get the Brochure!