Automation Solutions

Red Stag Engineers Systems to fit our customers requirements plus any additional add on profitability!

When it comes to production development from idea to finished production line, we focus emphatically on rationalization, simplification, material-and-time-saving together with dependability and uncomplicated operation.  Our computer controls are dialogue based.

The illustration shows a production line for the manufacture of Cylinder Head Gaskets for cars, trucks, busses, etc.

The system consists of two synchronized CNC-controlled Roller-Feeders, three Hydraulic Presses of respectfully 100 ton,40 ton, and 10 ton, and a Computer-Control Unit.

With this combination the following advantages are achieved:

  • Uniform product, highest quality finish, fast start-up procedure, 30-50% saving in tooling costs, reduced stock expenditures.
  • When comparing with traditional manufacturing methods this line eliminates 7 manual operations and the line can be operated by one person