Company Profile

Red Stag Engineering & Automation, Inc., started in 1961, is a decentralized operating organization, which promotes responsiveness to customers, assures sensitivity to employees, and avoids bureaucracy. Red Stag’s structure fosters individual innovation and entrepreneurship. Red Stag plays an integral role in the development and execution of factory automation.

Successfully automated press systems throughout the world have been engineered by Red Stag for over 30 years.  We have engineers that work with our customers’ Engineering Departments as an extension of that company. Successful solutions are realized through objective engineering. These solutions are all based on improving the customer’s quality and product profitability.

Red Stag Engineering & Automation, Inc. has chaired SME programs on Lasers, Q.D.C., and high speed Hydraulic Presses. They have also held seminars at the University of Wisconsin, as well as the metal forming programs. In addition, they have had featured articles published in the Jan/Feb 1998 Stamping Journal, the Feb 1998 Metal Forming publication, and the September 1998 Forming & Fabricating.

Red Stag turnkey systems have included die design through skin wrap for shipping. Our systems have handled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, cement, composite plastic, die cast, powdered metal, and cold forming.

Many customers have wondered: “How did Red Stag get it’s name?”  Back in the 60’s Paul Pfundtner and Bob Mitchell decided to diversify their investments by purchasing a supper club. They planned on remodeling it in a “knights of old” theme and the “Red Stag” shield was created as their crest and logo. The corporation was formed but the supper club purchase never took place. A few years later they decided to incorporate their engineering organization using the Red Stag corporation that existed. Someone suggested changing the name but Paul said “Hey, why change it? I like it.” The Red Stag name has raised a few eyebrows, caused a few snickers and laughs, and much conversation, but most of all it has helped make many friends in the industry.